The Band


The Band members include:

  • Molly (vocals) – a powerful singer, and brings a touch of County Cork charm
  • Mike (vocals/guitar) – a long-standing character on the UK Bluegrass scene, having played (bass) in one of the first successful UK Bluegrass bands, Orange Blossom Sound
  • Dick (bass) – another well established musician on the UK Bluegrass scene, having played in bands with most of the current top performers – most recently with Monroe’s Revenge.
  • Jimmy (fiddle/vocals) – an outstanding fiddler, skilled in a range of genres. Currently also plays with The Biggin Hillbillies and Captain Swing
  • Hilary (banjo) – an enthusiastic new-comer to the Bluegrass world, having played in a number of bands, including with UK Bluegrass legend Rick Townend and currently with ‘Alive & Picking’ (Bluegrass Plus Club)
  • Also occasionally with Jolene Missing on Double Bass.
  • Rumour takes Mollys’ place on vocal duties when she is away.